💰PVE Resource Gathering

In ancient Rome there is no time to lose. When not in the Arena, send your Gladiators to complete missions where they can earn rewards for their labor. The time your Gladiator spends in the Mission will be proportional to the reward earned at it.

But pay attention, unexpected events may pop up, and you will need to decide how to proceed in each. These will be opportunities to guide the actions of your Gladiator and participate in the larger world, helping others, confronting dangers, and earning a better reputation for your Ludus. Upon your decision, risk may increase, and with it the chance for even greater rewards, and losses.

Remember, all interactions with the Missions will be available in your Notifications, including the result of the Mission and the reward obtained, when your Gladiator comes home.

The crafting resources earned can be brought to the Craftsmen, to forge new and better NFT equipment that will help your Gladiators succeed in the Arena.

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