This Area is meant to explore the mechanics underlying the PvP.

The Glossary explains the main terms, to understand the attributes of Gladiators and how they operate in combat. The Counters and Tips section focuses on each Gladiator at a time, with information on their particular strength and weakness.


Critical hit: All Gladiators have a probability of 1.5% of landing a critical hit, which duplicates the value of the attack, and turns it undodgeable.

Stun: Some Gladiators have a probability of Stunning the enemy, with two effects: making them lose a turn, and turning the next hit they receive, in a critical one. (Gladiators with stun: Cestus, Reciario and Laquerius)

Range: The Gladiator with range always attacks first, and strikes twice (If both Gladiators have range, the attacking one is defined at random) (Gladiators with range: Hoplomachis and Reciario)

Attack: This factor determines the capacity for inflicting damage by our Gladiator (The minimum value for a successful attack, is 20 points)

Armor: This counters the received damage, and is subtracted from it.

Agility: Higher agility increases the probability of dodging the attacks from opponents.

Health Points: The final endurance marker of your fighter, and their resistance to attacks.

Counters and tips

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