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PVP The Arena

The dream of every Gladiator is to be a legend of the Arena. But they have to start their journey as a recruit and win many battles before becoming one of the best warriors in the Empire.
In Ludus Game, your Gladiators will fight throughout their careers. Winners not only get honor and experience to level up, but also rewards through betting. But don't forget: where there is a winner, there is a loser.

Fight modes

  • 1vs1 Practice combats: free to play, find opponents in the queue and train away, untill you feel ready for some risk.
  • 1vs1 Duels: place a bet on your fighter, and profit from their victories. Duels are a way to test your self, and secure earnings step by step. The basic bet value is currently 0,25 BUSD.
  • Community Tournaments: chose a tournament and make a night of it. Climb the leaderboard and claim your prize. The entrance fees for some tournaments guarantee you a resources chest, making your investment worthwhile either way.
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