🏰NFT Lands

When starting in Ludus Game each player will receive a Domus (not NFT) with five slots for their Gladiators and Craftsmen. Here you can familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game.

Like any great Lanista, you will be able to acquire larger properties that are conducive to the training of your Gladiators.

When businesses go well, you can acquire a Domus Aurea NFT that will increase your capacity by ten slots for your Gladiators and Craftsmen.

And if you want to take your trade seriously, you may choose to form true Gladiator school, a Ludus NFT with a capacity of 15 slots.

Only true lanistas, owners of champions and legends, will own Ludus Magnus NFT, with a total of 20 slots for their Gladiators and Craftsmen


Domus (Default land non-NFT)

5 Gladiators

Domus Aurea NFT

10 Gladiators

Ludus NFT

15 Gladiators

Ludus Magnus NFT

20 Gladiators

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