Arena rewards (PVP): The winners of combats will be rewarded according to the betting system in Duels, or through the Prizes of tournaments qualifying in the Leaderboard.

Gathering missions rewards (PVE): When you finish these missions, you will obtain resources: Wood, Leather, Iron and Gold which can be used to create NFT items

Crafting Resources Chests

Golden Chest: for 10 BUSD, obtain 4800 crafting resources. 1200 Gold, 1200 Iron, 1200 Wood and 1200 Leather

Iron Chest: for 5 BUSD, obtain 2000 crafting resources. 500 Gold, 500 Iron, 500 Wood and 500 Leather

Wooden Chest: for 3 BUSD, obtain 1200 crafting resources. 300 Gold, 300 Iron, 300 Wood and 300 Leather

Free Reward Chest: obtain 400 crafting resources. 100 Gold, 100 Iron, 100 Wood and 100 Leather

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