We started Ludus Game with a focus on the elements that mattered the most for us:

  • A play dynamic that we, as gamers, would enjoy.

  • A setting and narrative that spoke to us.

  • Technologies that we were excited to explore.

A few months later, Ludus Game grew into a team of 15 professionals working in 5 countries with a clear vision of the game we wanted to make. We would like to show you the main aspects of the game, and why we are enthusiastic about the project.


We are set in the Roman Empire, where Gladiators traded blood for cheers, and the people of Rome cried out their passions together, in the mighty Coliseum. We take on the role of a Lanista, head of a Ludus, a training school for Gladiators. Ours is a commercial enterprise, which deals in the talent of our fighters, and the resolve of our ambition:

  • Lanistas recruit or acquire Gladiators, from all regions of the Empire. They train them, equip them, and arrange for them to fight in the Arena. Here, Gladiators show their skill, and fight with every edge they are given.

  • There is earning in their victories and learning in their defeats. Every combat has the risk of loss and the promise of profit.


A lot of our effort goes into balancing the economic factors of Ludus Game, to maintain a viable and fertile environment, where our investments have a solid ground to prosper. We bring financial and mathematical expertise to the table from within our team, and set up checks and balances in the costs to stabilize the market and allow for late comers to keep joining later into the game.

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