Ludus Game
Welcome to the Roman Empire, a time of conquest, Emperors, Merchants, Craftsmen, and Gladiators.
Ludus Game is an NFT game that runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is inspired by the gladiators of the Roman Empire.
Start the game at your Ludus where your NFT Gladiators will train. Fight your way to the top of the Empire and win big rewards.
Send your Gladiators on dangerous missions to win resources and items. Then prepare them for the real challenge: PVP battles at the Coliseum, where only the best will rise and become legends. Fight for honor, glory, and rewards, to become the champion of the Arena.
In combat, not everyone is a winner. Some will lose and suffer the consequences: wounded, crippled, or even killed (the NFT will be burnt). Your NFT Gladiator can escape death by receiving a pardon, but it will no longer be a fighter. Fear not: a pardoned Gladiator can become a Craftsman. With some resources and tools, it will craft NFT items for fighting in the Arena or selling in the P2P Marketplace. This is a longer, safer way to obtain rewards.
If fights to the death or crafting are not your thing, maybe we have something else for you. Bet on your favorite Gladiators and win big prizes. Or even buy your own exclusive NFT Coliseum and take a share of every fight that takes place in it.
Do you have what it takes to become a legend? What are you waiting for?
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